10-12 September 2020, Sanok

The aim of the conference is to meet and conduct the dialogue between researchers of historical, social, cultural and artistic issues, especially in the context of broad border phenomena. We invite researchers and practitioners from Poland and abroad, interested in the problem outlined below. We are also open to the proposals that go beyond the given framework and are involved in issues of borderland, history, sociology, economics, culture, and art.

The thematic scope of the conference:

–      social and cultural relations at the borderland and at the interface of ethnos, faiths, cultures, nations;

–      diffusion of cultures at the borderland;

–      ways of determining the identity of a group, community, individuals in relation to “a different” and to “theirown” – conflicts or tolerance;

–      a sense of national identity and national minorities at the borderland;

–      the transformation of secular and religious, and annual and family customs;

–      religions, churches, religions and their relations at the borderland;

–      ecclesiastical structures at the borderland;

–      sacred art at the borderland: revalorization – restoration and museum maintenance;

–      artist (from) borderland and contemporary forms of spreading borderline art;

–      the history and modernity of the politics and economies of the border regions – the economic dimension of cross-border relations;

–      economic and social dilemmas;

–      opportunities and barriers to the development of entrepreneurship in border areas; – demographic changes;

–      borderline in cultural policy and development strategies for regions and sub-regions;

–      health at the borderland;

–      creative industries at the borderland;

–      internal security at the border.