30 May 2020

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

The Scientific Circle of Eating Disorders at the Institute of Psychology in AMU cordially invites all interested in the subject of eating disorders and body image to the 6th National Scientific Conference “Size in mind”.

This is the sixth edition of the conference, which attracts more and more participants every year. The idea of the conference was born for two reasons:

Firstly, the subject matter covered by the conference is still not often addressed in social sciences, even though eating disorders and body image are common, if not dominant, problems in our culture. There is a shortage of events, places and publications that allow both young scientists and practitioners to gain or present current knowledge in this field.

At the conference, the professionals, dealing with the issue of eating disorders in their daily professional work, as well as students and doctoral students are attending, which is a nod to the knowledge and initiative of our colleagues. At the end of the conference, practical workshops will be held.

Secondly, the self-organization of conferences is a great way for the scientific development of the student circle members, because it gives an outlet for the creative initiative, and at the same time allows to develop discipline and organizational skills.

Participation in the conference can be guaranteed by registering online in advance. More information in the REGISTRATION tab.

The registration point will be open from 8:00 am to 14:00. Each enrolled participant will receive a certificate and a package of gadgets.