30 May 2020, Lublin

6th National Scientific Conference Cyber+media is an initiative, during which we would like to reflect on wider social aspects of digitalization and the influence of new technologies on changes taking place in the society. The questions that will be discussed during the event include issues related to modern culture developing on the foundation of digital technologies, in particular:

  • Media history and theory
  • Communication theory
  • Culture of participation
  • Internet and social media (cyberbullying, social media management)
  • History and theory of computer games
  • The art of new media (new media and digital culture, development of media labs),
  • Various aspects of digitalisation
  • Creative industries (modern marketing strategies)

Participation in the conference allows exchanging views and scientific experiences in the interdisciplinary group of people representing different fields of science and research areas. The aim of the event is to identify current social phenomena and a substantive discussion focusing on the issues raised. Participants will have the opportunity to establish many scientific contacts and create an inderdisciplinary forum to exchange thoughts and experiences. We invite academics, PhD students, students and practitioners interested in these issues to participate in this conference.

Registration is available until:

I round until 27 February 2020

II round until 2 April 2020

III round until 7 May 2020

Conference fee: 249-299zł