4-6 June 2020, Słupsk

The aim of the Conference:

The aim of the Conference is to hold a debate between representatives of the scientific world, state administrations, security services, and public order and representatives of research centers and companies specializing in building IT tools to identify offenders and perform operational and criminal analyses, with a particular focus on critical infrastructure security – all to build a culture of cyberspace as part of digital security.

Thematic scope of the conference:

§ Cybersecurity and new technologies of management

§ Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the analysis of data collected using BSP

§ Institutional system as a countermeasure in cyberspace

§ Protection of personal data and electronic identity of network users

§ Prevention of threats in cyberspace

§ Modeling, Animation and 3D Printing

§ Internet and psychology – opportunities and threats

§ Diagnosis and therapy of cyberpathology

§ Cybercolonialism – the world of digital friends and enemies

§ Legal aspects of security in cyberspace

The conference will be an excellent opportunity to exchange views of the people of the science world, business and public services, state administrations, but also research centres specializing in the creation of modern IT tools and cyberspace-related education.

Post-conference publication

Papers submitted by participants will be published (in Polish and English) in a peer-reviewed monograph corresponding to the 1st level, according to MNiSW Statement of 17 December 2019 on the list of publishers releasing peer-reviewed scientific monographs.

Active participation – 400zł

Fee for publication – 200zł